About The APP

You enjoyed the books as kids but we’re in the tech age! Upickflix, in collaboration with Jim and Lisa sipe of Binary star system, have created a Choose Your Own Adventure App where the audience gets to call the shots. The App creates a fully immersive experience like no other. The short film begins to play and using the Upickflix app you will choose the fate of the main character. You, along with your fellow audience members will create a one of a kind film, that changes with each new crowd of movie goers/voters. No one movie experience will be the same!

The box office experience has become diluted with the convenience of at-home options that allow you to, well, stay home. UpickFlix, in conjunction with AMZ Productions and Unlocked Films offers folks a chance to return to theaters, create a sense of community, and have the time of your life. Have questions? Connect with Unlocked Films’ founder and UpickFlix creator, Jesse Locke: jesse@unlockedfilms.space